Undercover Agent Sebastian Courier

A negotiator and covert operative, formerly under the employ of Solopgan Mining Consortium. After some significant compromise, he was allowed to leave Solopgan to work with Project Vanguard. Of course, old loyalties die hard, and the corporation may still have some strings attached to their puppet.

Sebastian is in his forties, having performed a variety of different roles in his career. He has infrequently needed the use of pills to cope with pain, and finds space travel and low-gravity nearly unbearable without their frequent use. He was not meant to be much of an astronaut, but he refuses to let this block him from taking on an opportunity like this.

  • Academics 1d8
  • Battle 1d6
  • Covert Ops 1d10
  • Diplomacy 1d8
  • Exploration 1d6
  • Spacefaring 1d4 (XP: 4/6)
  • Technology 1d6
  • smoke grenade 1d4
  • pistol 1d4
  • pressure suit 1d4
  • hand comm 1d4
  • stealth suit 1d6
  • “bliss pills” 1d4

Ally: Solopgan Mining Consortium d6

  • Nina/Sebastian: different approaches, shady pasts
  • Alouette/Sebastian: disdain and lack of respect

Harm: _ _ _ _ _ _

Undercover Agent Sebastian Courier

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