World Name: Sayeh Environment: Cold, arid, rocky, low gravity, nearly sunless Settlement: Remnant populations, some laboratories; seperatists that are highly suspicious of Caliban governance. Rumor: A Stavrosian monk sought a place to reflect unencumbered by the needs and dramas of Caliban and opted to take a retreat to Sayeh, he thinks that he’s found the a lost book of Isabel; one that might explain what resides at the Core.


Sayeh is not particularly hospitable to humanity. Colder and more hostile than the worst of the Wastes, outside of the scientists that huddle in costly heated buildings, only the most rugged and isolationist Remnants have chosen to settle on this world. Those who are human, or slightly less able to adapt to the harsh and barren conditions of Sayeh live high above the frozen surface in domes that are constantly heated to a temperature that is thousands of times warmer than the planet—but still barely able to sustain human life.

The non-scientist Remnant clans that occupy this world are generally wary of humanity, and who would not be, considering its history. The other occupants of Sayeh are researchers and their support staff. The work that is done on this world is incredibly important to the Solar Federation—for the residents of Sayeh are often brilliant natural scientists and they exchange their valuable insight in the areas of medicine and fuel (in particular) with the Solar federation for supplies that cannot be produced on-world.

Mountainous and dark, the sun is only visible from the surface of the planet once every two years. The planet is rocky canyons and sharp, jutting ice mountains. There are rumors amongst the Stavros that Isabel once visited this place and had an epiphany—but no one has been able to confirm this due to the barely livable conditions on the surface of the world.


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