Rules Considerations

Rules Updates!

I’m in touch with the game creator, Matt Wilson. I’m keeping him updated on how play is flowing, generally, and he’s telling me some rules adjustments which might make things more fun. So, we’ll try this and see how it works.


There’s a dice pool for Tension. Anytime you hit on your Tension in the game, a D6 gets added to the pool. Anyone on the Vanguard team can use a D6 Tension die at any roll- and Tension dice give no Mishaps.

Improving Training Skills

You get a check when you roll the max on a Training Die (4 on a D4, 6 on a D6, etc.) You need as many checks as the die has faces to improve it’s type (4 on a D4, 6 on a D6, etc.) (we’ll keep all the checks earned thus far)


Gear provide D8’s and can be used once a session. The ship’s components add D8’s except for the improved components, which add D10’s. These also can be called upon once per session.

Note- you can use the gear/object/ship stuff as much as you want, you can only get dice from it once/session.


When you’re in a multi-roll conflict (best of 3, best of 5), a mishap also denies you the ability to use that particular Training Skill for the rest of the conflict – you’ll have to find some other way to solve that problem or call up one of your teammates to take your place.


Allies let you fix bigger problems. You want Allies. They also can loan you stuff, give you info, and otherwise, keep you from being stuck alone in the mess.


Want to upgrade that ship? Want some better gear? Do you like oxygen? You want some Fortune for all of that.

Planets & Factions

Tell me what you want missions and stories to revolve around. Built the universe. When you give these to me, I have something to play with. Toss it online and give me an email heads up.

Rules Considerations

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