Recovery Salvage Operator Alouette

Background: Deep Space Salvage

Harm: 2/6


Improvement: 2/6


  • Academics: 1d6
  • Covert Ops: 1d4
  • Diplomacy: 1d6
  • Exploration: 1d8
  • Spacefaring: 1d6
  • Technology: 1d10
  • Warfare: 1d8


  • Tools (define): 1d6
  • Backpack (to cart around tools & other gear, pre-game chosen gear): 1d6
  • Manosourtech V-series hand comm (Commonwealth issued): 1d6
  • Syndico 1029e pistol (Commonwealth issued): 1d6
  • Vollard Cosmos – 1 pressuresuit (Commonwealth issued): 1d6
  • damaged launcher (shoulder mounted improvised weapon use?): 1d4



  • Nina: occasional struggle between them for control/authority in a situation
  • Manuel: professional? technological rivalry, as a result Nina is often ignored in this aspect or Alouette and Manuel have known each other or worked together longer?

History: Barely older than the nearing 25 year old Commonwealth, Alouette DeyBruun has considered his life rather normal even wholly unremarkable until his departure from Caliban. Born and raised in the smallest of the greater territories, Adanbre, for a time Alouette believed his future to reside among the ranks of the religious order after having thought of little more for his life or personal goals. At the most, believing if he had to make an actual choice, he would see to it that he would garner a position that would let him travel to and from the various territories on Caliban.

But it turned out he was no less haphazard and reckless than any youth, unexpectedly deciding to elope before he was even twenty. No less religious than he was, the newlyweds took their immediate honeymoon to the historical ship of Providence. Inspired and curious of humanity’s past and origins, the experience convinced the two of them to begin a pilgrimage among the stars. Searching and trudging through humanity’s past with the religious and secular like minded, the two unfortunately found themselves swept into the fighting that could result in relic hunts as victims, noncombatants and even combatants in time. Seeking safety, and a better chance of surviving, the two assigned their services to the Commonwealth and even resettled back to Adanbre on Caliban.

Within a span of a year, and after a tumultuous reunion with their families, Alouette was no less inquisitive of the past even though still shaken in his experiences from the Relic Wars. With his wife’s reluctant consent he had chosen to take part in the Commonwealth’s Project Vanguard rather than in a research lab alongside her.


Recovery Salvage Operator Alouette

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