Oxum IV

Rotation: 217 kayseks(approx. 58 hours), moon: 4.5 emseks (45 days)

Orbit: 29 emseks (290 days), moon: 2+ jiseks (2+ years)

Environment: Spinning on an almost horizontal axis, Oxum IV is a habitable world populated by primitive, non-sentient lifeforms. Sources of water are found locked in glacial ice at the eastern and western poles along with numerous mile-deep rivers that etch their way across the planet. Comprising nearly 80% of the planet, landmass is mainly rolling scrubland heavier near rivers..

The moon however is thoroughly dead with variable gravity given its unusual shape. Atmosphere-less, it is dotted with various sized craters, mountains, faultlines and fractures while parts of its surface is blanketed with a layer of “moon dust” or regolith. Less than 2/3rds the size of the planet it orbits (Oxum IV itself being slightly smaller than Caliban), the moon is accredited to being nearly torn in half. Held together by gravity, over a third of its landmass is freefloating in various sized “floating islands” while leaving revealed the moon’s now frozen interior. The moon possesses a thin debris ring comprised of the ruined moon’s leftover and a wrecked starship(s), ever thinning due to the planet’s gravitational pull both as a result of natural and human forces. This falling debris rarely ever makes planetfall, often burning up within the planet’s upper atmosphere.

History: Upon human discovery the system was named after explorers were drawn towards the broken moon orbiting the star’s fourth planet. There they found the mangled and torn remains of a vast starship (or starships of similar make, it is still uncertain) with the characters “OXUM” being the only discernible name upon a hull.

Competitive efforts to mine the satellite’s readily available and mineral rich interior backseated adequate resources to investigate its prior history, thus leaving it in the hands of speculation and wild conjecture. The heavily focused endeavors to mine Oxum IV’s moon has allowed the planet itself to go largely ignored for development. Recently, in the past few jiseks (years) a Remnant Clan’s roving starbase has jumped into Oxum IV’s orbit where it still remains. This event was soon followed by the Solopgan Mining Consortium gaining full and uninterrupted operations of the mining settlement.

Keeping in minimal contact with humans, the clan has never shown any known overt sign of violence even before entering the star system. Though armed, for all intents and purposes they appear to be a mere research station intent on observing the developing life upon Oxum IV as stated. Yet they have coerced their way into human affairs by supervising the construction of a Solopgan Mining Consortium farming settlement upon the planet itself and any further human intrusions upon the planet while not sharing any of their own research findings in the Oxum IV-sphere.

Two months ago both human settlements were lost weeks from one another. All information of events were transmitted from the Remnant Clan starbase; the first being a recording of Oxum IV’s moon where a floating island had moved just enough to bump against the central landmass and thus crush the entire settlement on impact. No survivors. Weeks later another log was sent recording communication between the starbase aiding the farming settlement’s evacuation while tracking debris from Oxum IV’s moon. Survivors have been reportedly ferried out of the system with Commonwealth assistance while the Remnant clan became strongly taciturn to further communication.

Settlement: Currently none.

Rumor: Human and the alien Remnant Clans believe that what happened to the planet’s satellite was not a natural occurrence. Though natural causes have been attributed to the settlements’ destruction, the unsatisfied point towards rivals of the Solopgan Mining Consortium or the Remanant Clan themselves as the culprit. But before human operations were ceased, after reportedly finding “curious deposits” Sologpan was expanding resources on Oxum IV further survey the planet and moon, to which the Remnant clan communicated their displeasure towards.

Oxum IV

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