While most of the 117s in the Vanguard Project have been ordered as part of normal fleet expenses, the Lacuna was actually a surplus craft- a partial build hull of a 117 when the Xerxes plant was shut down during the Nebula Storm of 06, but salvaged and put together through a combination of salvage and “non-cost acquisition” parts.

As such it is configured somewhat in the vein of the scouting specs, though with all non-standard parts – useful for maintaining cover, though admittedly, perhaps increasing some work with regards to maintenance.

Nonetheless, we expect a crew resourceful enough to gather the parts to make a working ship to also be capable in its upkeep, especially as Vanguard teams are sent to deep exploration with little resource support.


Measurment 46 M long

Capacity 6 person, 40 days

Cargo 60 cubic Meters + Med. Vehicle hold.

Configuration: Scout

Armament D4

Power D4

Computer D6

Comms D4

Sensors D6

Hull D4

Power D4

Engines D4

Highly Experimental Cloaking Device D6 (can overtax power and engine systems)


Lacuna Rising yeloson