Intel Officer Nina Negron

Nina Negron Age 33 Character Background:

Nina Negron has a shrouded past. The first record of her is when she is arrested in the streets of Ban Shi City for fighting officers after an alleged attempt to steal valuable circuitry materials. She was 14 years old and had no name beyond ‘Nina’. Unable to locate her parents, a place that she lived or make charges stick (for some reason, no one would prosecute the girl), local authorities unsuccessfully attempt to place her in foster homes. After repeated attempts (and repeated escapes) Nina is placed in a ‘correctional school’ near the river where she captures the attention of Nicholas Negron, a diplomat that resides at Unity Station. She is taken to live with him and to continue her education.

At age 18, Nina (who had been officially adopted by the elderly diplomat) opts to enter the Ban Shi Militia, where she excels at “innovative combat situations” and “creative security engineering”; despite her obvious intelligence, success in combat and technology applications, Nina did not do well in the military, even with the Negron name. She is assigned to a monitoring outpost in the Wastes; however, somehow, at the last minute her orders are changed and she is assigned to protect the elite that worked at her former home—Unity Station.

Having made no friends with the sudden change of orders and with the death of her adoptive father seven years after joining the militia, Nina opts to become a private security consultant—working with everyone from the designers of Unity Station to the celebrities that live in the terraces above Ban Shi City to Remnants that require her services for protection. She has consulted frequently with prisons and police to improve weapons systems and retaining ability while also consulting with… less altruistic groups for the same reasons. Covert Ops


Battle.1d8 X

Covert Ops. 1d8 x




Technology. 1d10 x


Beltsword 1d6

Pressure Suit D4

Hand Comm D4

Pistol D4

(Item to be Chosen) D4

4 Machineguns (1D4 each)

1 phosphorus grenade d4

Intel Officer Nina Negron

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